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Secure private messaging on your terms

YEO (pronounced ‘YO’), is an ultra-secure private messaging platform and the first of its kind. Share messages, files and images in one-on-one or group chats, safe in the knowledge that your private content will be for Your Eye Only.




Encrypted content can only be unlocked when your face is in view.


Double ratchet end-to-end encryption.


Continuous facial recognition means that if you turn away from the screen, the content disappears.


Encrypted content is only stored permanently on the sender’s device, and never on the recipient’s.


Share images, documents and videos as well as instant messages.


Sender has total control over the content, and can delete it from recipient’s app at any time.


Sender chooses who, when, and where the recipient can view their content.


Encrypted content is stored for only 14 days in the cloud, after which it’s permanently deleted.

"YEO: The new secure messaging app going head to heads with WhatsApp"

"WhatsApp rival YEO uses facial recognition to ensure ultimate privacy"

"The majority of UK adults are unsure how to protect their online privacy"

Your privacy is what gets us up in the morning


People all over the world are using YEO to keep their content safe and secure.
We’re always working on new features to make the platform the best it can be.

Free from ads. Forever.

To protect your privacy and keep YEO free from intrusive, unwanted messages, we’ll never open up the platform to advertisers nor share your data with anyone – our customers are our users, not marketers.
Instead, the app is paid for by a small monthly subscription fee.
A small price to pay for peace of mind, in our view.

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YEO is available for iOS now, with desktop and Android versions coming very soon.

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YEO single user

  • 14 day free trial
  • Monthly or annual subscription
  • View and send messages, images, videos and files
  • One-to-one and group chat
£4.99 GBP / $4.99 USD
Per Month (1 Month)
£3.99 GBP / $3.99 USD
Per Month (1 Year)

YEO for business

  • 14 day free trial
  • Monthly or annual subscription
  • Site licenses
  • View and send messages, images, video and document files
  • One-to-one and group chats
  • Private and secure communications for internal and client teams
  • Add on service that allows clients to view files securely through YEO