We go above and beyond to secure your content

Let us explain how it all works…

Encryption, elevated

The moment you hit ‘send’, your content is encrypted. From there, it’s stored on our secure Cloud server, where it lives for only 14 days before being wiped forever. When the recipient opens the message, it’ll be decrypted on their device using a unique key. Because the content is stored in the cloud and encryption/decryption keys in the device, the lock and the key will never be found in the same place.

Imposters, busted

No YEO user will ever be able to use the app without their face in the smartphone’s camera view, meaning it’s virtually impossible for anyone else to open up their content.

Your messages, your terms

YEO’s unique GEO-Fence feature lets the sender decide where they want the content they send to be viewed. Imagine your team are working on a new product, and only want the designs to be viewable in the office, or a couple want to share photos they’ll only be able to open at home. Simply set the GEO-Fence perimeter, and the recipient will only be able to open your content in the location you chose.

Your content in your hands

As a sender, you get total control over your messages, pictures, documents and videos – anything at all that’s sent through the app. Content can’t be downloaded, forwarded, saved or shown to anyone else. If a recipient tries to screenshot, the content is deleted and the sender notified. Had a change of heart about something you sent earlier? You can delete it from the recipient’s app and our server whenever you like.

Prying eyes, foiled

Continuous facial recognition means messages and content can only be viewed when the user’s face (and their face alone) is visible in the camera view. So if the phone doesn’t see your face, you don’t see the app. If someone else gets hold of your phone, they won’t be able to open messages, content or even contacts, and any shoulder surfers will be greeted with nothing but a blurred screen. Notification descriptions will never include previews or sender names, so you can be totally confident in your privacy.

YEO is a complete messaging platform

There aren’t many things you could ask for in a messaging app that YEO can’t do. It’s a day-to-day platform for secured private messaging, file sharing, and photo and video sharing. You can do this one-to-one or in group chats, anywhere and any time as long as you have an internet connection. It’s just like any other messaging app (maybe even better!), except it’s much, much more secure.