We go above and beyond
to secure your content.

YEO offers Privacy By Design

We don’t just make sure that we comply with GDPR and other privacy laws, we help our customers meet the requirements too.

By using YEO for your business communications, you can rest assured that all data is encrypted and no user data other than a username and profile picture is public.

Secure Socket Layer
(SSL) transmission

Information Security Management

AEO-F certified

Trust Services Principles

Certified by DIN EN ISO 9001:2009
and DIN EN ISO 14001:2015

Service Organisation Controls

Key Features

Our business is your privacy. Protecting personal information is at the very heart of what we do, and we use all the tools we have available to do it.


We regularly test the security of our services through full source code reviews, penetration tests, and security audits by independent third parties. You can ask us for a copy of the results and reports at any time.


As a YEO customer, your organisation owns and administers all of your account data. You can modify, delete or export it whenever you choose. Our industry-standard APIs allow for real-time activity monitoring and content exports at your fingertips.

Highest Data Safety Standards

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For YEO Premium customers, a more detailed SOC2 report is available on request. We host YEO’s highly available, globally distributed infrastructure, and it has a target recovery time objective (RTO) of zero, and a target recovery point objective (RPO) of zero.